Metal Stamping Consulting Services. Consulting help is delivered quickly. Both phone and the Internet has proven to be a superior way to transfer information quickly. The Internet is especially useful for sending attached digital drawings and photographs for review. We use the best means available including the Internet to offer problem solving advice based on documented solutions. Drawings and parts for evaluation may be sent by overnight package delivery. Your cost is minimized by fast service that clients find fair and affordable. Everyone is entitled to a free telephone consultation and this may be all you need to solve a problem. It is not right to charge for simple information that can be found in a reference source I can cite or a simple answer that takes little time.

Our Consulting Policy

Honesty in Consulting: A consultant, like a physician should try to help the client in the best possible way. If we believe that another consultant is better qualified to solve the problem the client will be told up front that someone else is better qualified to deal with the problem. This is our policy. Often a client will use my services rather than someone who is more expensive based on personalized service and not being a specialist in one area of knowledge alone. The press and die as well as everyone and everything having anything to do with the process must be understood as a system.

Quick Die Change Video

A $2,450.00 video Classic! Only $200.00 + S&H. The SME Quick Die Change tape series is based on the popular Quick Die Change book First Edition by the author. I was asked to develop the tape series based on the book. This required going into many plants and the plants cited in case studies and working with professional video crews to document how these plants actually changed dies and were managed. The final video script was edited by an outstanding professional, Ray Howe and professionally narrated.

Asking a tooling engineer with a radio engineering background to do video development resulted in a product that is an hour longer than intended yet under budget. Although initial sales were good, many potential buyers considered the SME $2,450.00 price excessive.

When the tape set was removed from the SME catalog, the rights reverted to the developer. Therefore, you can buy the complete Videotape-Featuring diesetting analysis, demonstrations, case studies, continuous improvement examples, expert perspectives, and more. The total length is 2 hours, 37 minutes. Our $200.00 price also includes the Facilitator's Guide (582 pages)-Includes assignments for team meetings, examples, notes to the instructor, plus management interviews and perspectives not included in the videotape. The video product is now provided on five DVD disks with Facilitators Guide. The disks provide a unique view into many plants and just one good idea justifies the cost.

Standard SME Reference Publications

Standard SME Reference Publications: Writing reference publications are a labor of love for this semi-retired person. Hard work and the cooperation of leading industry experts have been essential in this unique documentation of the metal stamping process. Without the help of hundreds of individual contributors, developing these resources would not be possible. Contributors include a broad cross section of foremost industry leaders. Private sector plant owners and essential staff persons have shared their successful methods and process information. Engineering societies and trade associations have actively contributed member expertise. Invaluable industrial and university R&D results are included. Internet links to many of these sources are listed.

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