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 Die Design Handbook, Third Edition

Features a wealth of design and troubleshooting information          

928 Pages · 830 illustrations · 79 tables · 131 equations

You will find instant on-the-job answers, hundreds of proven die design examples, and practical advice for every class of sheetmetal pressworking. This third edition offers you the latest developments in product design, process analysis, designing for automation, large and irregular shapes, metal movements, die protection systems, and much much more,

  • Examples of die maintenance planning systems
  • Root causes of stamping process variability
  • Correct installation and applications of tonnage monitors
  • Revised die welding, heat treating, and surface treatment information

 Plus, these major additions...

  • NEW information on the control of snap-through energy
  • NEW section on product development for deep drawing
  • NEW section on fineblanking
  • NEW section on progressive die design

    1.   Pressworking Terminology
    a comprehensive glossary of pressworking terminology

    2.  Stampings Design
    design for efficient stock utilization, design to increase strength of stampings, tolerances, blanking and piercing holes, design considerations for curved parts

    3.   Die Engineering-Planning and Design
    process planning, cost comparisons, die dimensions

    4.   Shear Action in Metal Cutting
    clearances and allowances, punching and blanking pressures

    5.   Cutting Dies
    piercing and perforating dies, trim dies, shaving dies, fineblanking

    6.   Bending of Metals
    springback compensation, flanging, hemming, pressures

    7.   Bending Dies
    press-brake dies, urethane tooling for pressbrake dies

    8.   Metal Movement in Forming
    flanging of holes, forming of beads, forging and extrusion dies

    9.   Forming Dies
    curling dies, beading dies, forming cylindrical parts, forming rings, clips and similar parts

    10. Displacement of Metal in Drawing
    metal flow, measures in drawing, ironing, blank development for noncylindrical shells

    11. Product Development for Deep Drawing
    measuring deformation with circle grid analysis, grid systems, determining forming severity, distribution of stretch

    12. Draw Dies
    analysis of shapes, dies for box-shaped draws, drawing thin or foil stock

    13. Dies for Large and Irregular Shapes
    construction practices, solving shock and impact problems

    14. Rubber-Pad and Hydraulic-Action Dies
    Guerin process, drawing shallow parts, deep drawing

    15. Compression Dies
    oining, embossing, extruding

    16. Progressive Die Design
    strip development, computer-aided design and machining, pilots, stops, wire-cut EDM sections

    17. Progressive Dies
    design considerations, dies to produce various parts

    18. Compound and Combination Dies
    blank-and-pierce dies, trim and pierce dies, blank-and-draw dies

    19. Designing Presstools for Fineblanking
    engineering the presstool, fineblanking presstool examples

    20. Tools for Multiple-Side Forming Machines
    conventional multi-slide examples, rotary slide machines, rotary multi-slide examples

    21. Low-Cost and Miscellaneous Dies
    forming examples, assembling dies, fold-over and crimping dies, laser cutting applications

    22. Die Sets and Components
    stock guides or gages, strippers, knockouts, air, nitrogen and metal springs

    23. Designing Dies for Automation
    feeding, equipment, automatic mechanical feeds, transfer feeds, hopper feeds

    24. Die Maintenance - Setting and Tryout
    team methods, steps to set a progressive die? die damage avoidance, adjusting dies to a common shut height

    25. Lubricants for Pressworking Operations
    selection guidelines, cleaning and finishing requirements, recycling and disposal troubleshooting

    26. Die Protection Systems
    mechanical limit switches, electronic sensors sensor application examples

    27. Press Data
    slide actuation, frames, clutches, and brakes measuring loads

    28. Ferrous Die Materials
    characteristics, heat treatment, repairing dies by welding, cast-irons

    29. Nonferrous and Nonmetallic Die Materials
    cemented carbides, machinable carbides

By D. Smith,
928 pages, hardcover, ©1990, $136.00 (quantity and member discounts may apply) Published by Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Dearborn, Michigan ISBN 0-87263-375-6 Available from major booksellers.

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