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Optimizing Your Diesetting Process

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 Optimizing Your Diesetting Process

Features a wealth of diesetting and setup troubleshooting information          

402 Pages ยท Fully paginated and superbly illustrated

1.   An Introduction to Reducing Diesetting Changeover Time

2.    An Overview of the Basic Die Operations

3.   Press Selection and Maintenance

4.     Basic Good Diesetting Practices

5.    Avoiding Insecure and Improper Clamping Methods

6.   Overview of Mechanical Die Fastening

7.     Power Actuated Die Clamps

8.    An Overview of Press Safeguarding

9.     Press Counterbalance Adjustment & Maintenance

10.  Attaching and using Die Parallels

11.  Dieroom Options for Accurate Die Location

12.    Bolster and Ram Modifications to Improve Diesetting

13.  Bottoming Progressive and Tandem Line Dies

14.   Setting Progressive Dies Quickly and Accurately

15.  Equipment for Decoiling and Straightening Coil Stock

16.  Press Stock Loop Control Methods and Devices

17.  Press Coil Stock Feeding Devices

18.  Die Handling Transporting and Storage

19.  How to Setup and Adjust Draw and Stretch Form Dies

20.  Troubleshooting Hints for Large Panel Stamping Dies

21.  Operating Dies at a Common Shut Height

22.  Unsticking Presses Jammed on Bottom Dead Center

23.   Die Maintenance Documentation & Tracking

24.   Examples of Some Generic Die Standards

     By D. Smith,
    402 pages, Spiral Plastic covered and bound, $70.00 ($50.00 in quantities of five or more) Available from Smith & Associates

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